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Bank Reconciliation, Fixing Errors & the Statement Balance (Online Xero Course)

Learn all about bank reconciliation management in Xero from world-class specialist Xero trainer, Angela Sibly. This is an essential course for those who want to know how to fix any bank reconciliation, fix errors and understand the importance of the Statement Balance in Xero.

Course Type            Short Course

Qualification          Certificate of Achievement

Level                         Intermediate Level

Payment Options  Upfront & Payment Plans

Delivery                    Online & Distance Education

Course Information 

In this expert level Xero course, you will learn all there is to know about the bank reconciliation process, fixing errors and understanding the Statement Balance.

You will learn how to:

  • Effectively create and manage bank rules
  • Create advanced bank rules that cover transactions from more than one supplier or customer
  • Manage auto suggestions or suggested entries
  • Understand and explain the difference between the Statement Balance and the Balance in Xero
  • Avoid duplicates when importing bank statements
  • Review the imported bank statements to quickly identify any missing transaction periods
  • Correct the Statement Balance when it’s incorrect
  • Understand and explain the Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Understand and explain the importance of publishing bank reconciliation and other key reports
  • Fix coding errors with Remove & Redo
  • Fix transaction coding errors in bulk with Find & Recode
  • Understand and explain the difference between Unreconcile and Remove & Redo
  • Setup and manage all different types of bank, credit card and Paypal feeds
  • Manage and reconcile petty cash transactions in Xero

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