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Customising Xero Templates (Online Xero Course)

Learn all about customising and creating Xero DOCX templates from world-class Xero Ecosystem Trainer, Jeri Murphy.

Course Type            Short Course

Qualification          Certificate of Achievement

Level                         Intermediate Level

Payment Options  Upfront & Payment Plans

Delivery                    Online & Distance Education

Course Information 

If you want to learn how to create beautiful invoices and customised templates in Xero, you are in the right place.

In this course you will learn:

  • Why you should use Customised Invoices in Xero
  • Why people need different types of invoices
  • How to add a Customised Invoice Theme
  • How to Download and Save Templates
  • Understand the Different Types of Templates
  • Explain How the Templates Work Once You Open Them in Word
  • Understand Merge Fields
  • Understand Page Layouts
  • Why I recommend starting Invoice Templates from scratch
  • What Merge Fields are available (tip: not all Xero fields are available)
  • Adding, Editing and Deleting Merge Fields in Word
  • Real Life Example creating a full invoice from scratch
  • Adding BPAY and credit card Payment Options to an Invoice
  • Adding pictures to your templates
  • Using colours and some basic design tips to help the non-designer
  • Understanding what fonts you can use and how to find them
  • Lots of little tips & tricks on using Customised Templates in Xero.. just because I can’t help myself!

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