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How to Review a Xero File (Online Xero Course)

Learn all about how to review a Xero file (and make money doing it!)  with world-class Xero trainers, Jeri Murphy and Angela Sibly.

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How much do you hate it when things don’t work out?

Or you are not sure if it’s right?

You started using Xero because it looked amazing! It is amazing, but…

It has saved you SO much time, but… there are things in there that just don’t seem right.

The problem is, you have no idea where you are going wrong, what it is that needs to be fixed or where to start to fix it.

Every day we see business owners and Xero advisors using Xero incorrectly. There are lots of people out there that can tell you how great Xero is and how to use it. We can do that – we do it every day! But that’s not what this session is about…

As world-class Xero trainers, with over 25 years bookkeeping and accounting experience combined, we have seen some shockingly inaccurate Xero files, and helped hundreds of business owners and Xero advisors all over the world clean up the mess and be confident in their Xero numbers.

There are TWO key things we have identified that need to happen FIRST, before any Xero user can be confident that their Xero file is right:

    1. Know exactly what a Xero file should look like and what it can do
    2. Know how to REVIEW a Xero file efficiently and accurately – because we all don’t have time to waste!

In this course, we show you how to review any Xero file and be confident you know exactly what you need to do to fix it.

>We show you how to review a Xero file in a way that a business owner understands – so as a business owner, you get it!

And as a Xero advisor, you learn how to review the Xero file with your client or potential client and make money while you are doing it. We have been providing a Xero Review & Repair service for years based on this technique of reviewing a Xero file AS A SERVICE – not just a free-fact-finding mission that might land you the job later.

This 2-hour training is for you if:

  • You are using Xero
  • You are a business owner wanting to know if your Xero file is set up correctly and providing you with accurate information, or
  • You are a Xero advisor providing services helping other Xero users

Business owners – we talk your language, not accounting speak!

Bookkeepers and Accountants – we talk your language too, but for this 2-hour event we are doing it “layman” style!

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